Do You Know Where Your Bunny Slippers Are?

Reading now: Kathleen Long’s Get Bunny Love

One of my critique partners has been published! I’m taking this as a personal compliment. Kathleen Long’s “Get Bunny Love” has just debuted in stores.

Beatrice Love believes in fuzzy bunny slippers, feng shui and positive Chi. Nathan McNulty believes in rules and decorum, and runs his event planning firm with an iron fist. When her free-spirited spunk crashes headlong into his need for control, fuzzy bunny slipper fur flies. In a battle of wills, they’ll both discover there’s nothing so life altering as a dose of Bunny Love.

A Romance Junkies review warns that this book “will most certainly cause uncontrollable fits of laughter,” and it’s true. I’m so happy for Kath and can’t wait to go buy my copy of “Get Bunny Love” (which I will do, today). I’m living vicariously through Kath until I get to go to the Show myself. Kath will be having a book-signing at the Celebrate Romance event in Baltimore, MD this weekend.