Longmire does it again, with a whole slew of paraody Romance novel book covers.

My favorites:

  • I’m About to Let One
  • For the Love of Scottie McMullet
  • The Deflowering of Marie Osmond
  • The Toy in Daddy’s Pants

The Toy in Daddy's PantsBut my overall favorite is the parody of Kelley Armstrong’s Industrial Magic, here re-titled Chili Supper for Satan, since I’m just finishing up Armstrong’s Otherworld series with the latest Broken.

I’ve loved all of Armstrong’s books, but really only liked the original Lucia Kim tradeback cover of Bitten. The newer covers all have pentagrams on them, not that there’s anything wrong with pentragrams, it’s just there aren’t any in the books. Sure, the characters are werewolves, witches, sorcerers, demons, necromancers, but they aren’t drawing bloody pentragrams on the floor and dancing naked around them.

They’re too busy chasing the bad guys for that.

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