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I write science fiction. So, I read a lot of a science articles. Daily I read New Scientist and Scientific American’s top news stories. I usually also visit the Gene Expression blog, John Hawks anthropology blog and also the Neurophilosopher’s Blog. Some weeks I come across all sorts of cool science news. Some geeky fun for you:

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  1. The “brain ports” sound interesting. I read about this a few days ago – there’s a vid here. But your link goes to a Slate story about why old men shouldn’t impregnate younger women!

  2. Actually, you have to scroll down to see the article. Slate doesn’t have an anchor link for each story, so all I can do is link to the page. I know, it’s annoying. Thanks for the link! The video of the device in use was very informative.

  3. Aha! Silly me! Thanks Lisa.

  4. Re: genes in rice — oh, yay, something else I have to worry about in my food.

    They’ve already shown that altered genes have migrated out of corn into native species of corns/related grasses, so it’s only a matter of time until the new genes migrate out of rice, too.

    I have mixed feelings about the brain ports idea. It’d be cool to upload, say, Gaelic vocabulary and grammar, but it’s still a bit squicky.

  5. I think I’m most excited about the DNA Flash drive possibility and what that means for our relationships to artificial intelligence.

    I just read this morning that what’s been added to rice is “lysozyme, an enzyme that kills some bacteria by breaking down their cell walls. . ” and “… lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein that helps us absorb the metal while starving bacteria of it.” (Source: New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog)

    Both are found in breast milk, and the human version is of course of much more use to humans than the cow version, so unless they get donors the enzymes are synthetic. Hmmm.

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