Recent studies show that not only are women much more visually stimulated than originally thought, but we’re actually more visually stimulated than men are. Go figure.

Personally, I think the success of the 300 is as much due to its young male target audience as it is to its appeal to women. Sure, the man in your life might want to see it for the warrior ethos (read: blood and gore), but, ladies, have you not noticed the plethora of 8-packs in this movie?

For more fun, check out Cleolinda’s 300 in Fifteen Minutes.

3 Responses to “Nerd Fun: It's Raining 300 Men”

  1. OH YES!!!!!!!!!! I simply must watch the video (and movie 300) again and again and again…must be something to do with that Visual Stimulation.

    WHEW! Is it hot in here or what????????

  2. Oh, snort! That’s too good…


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