SciFi Channel Rant

I’m kind of feeling like some of these other viewers in the Letters section of Sci Fi Weekly.

Both the long-running series Stargate: SG-1 and the newer Battlestar Galactica are ending soon. And yes, it’s always better to go out on top rather than run a series on until no one watches it anymore.

But what is the Sci Fi Channel replacing these shows with? Wrestling (gag) and more cheesy Saturday night monster movies? I’ve tried watching Painkiller Jane, and you’d think its premise would appeal to me given the content of what I write about here, but the show just isn’t very entertaining. Perhaps it’ll grow into itself as so many science fiction shows have, but right now it’s just not on my watch list.

I’m glad we still have Stargate: Atlantis to watch, and I’ve heard rumors that both the Samantha Carter and Tealc characters will be showing up there, not to mention the DVD SG-1 movie. I’ll miss my weekly SF fix though.