He’s a Demon On Wheels

The Mach 5
The Matthew Fox

The Wachowski Brothers are making a Speed Racer movie.

Yes, I’m behind the curve on this, but I’ll get over it.

They’ve cast Christina Ricci as Trixie, which I hope means she will do more than stand on the sidelines and say “OH SPEED!” (but after Black Snake Moan, who knows…).

Ricci did say the following in a recent press conference about her character:

I’m really excited because I just feel like there are so many negative images for little girls out there, and she’s [Trixie] a very strong-willed, smart girl who also is super-cute and has great clothes…

Emile Hirsch has been cast as Speed, but I’m more into the fact that Matthew Fox is set to play the “mysterious and enigmatic” Racer X/Rex Racer. I wonder how closely they’ll stick to the character’s history from the cartoon:

Undeniably, Racer X is the least understood driver on the Formula 1 racing circuit. Both feared and revered, he inspires rumors that whenever he competes, crashes are sure to occur. A facemask used to conceal his true identity further shrouds him in mystery, only adding to his reputation as a jinx.

Unbeknownst to Speed (and his family), Racer X is really his older brother, Rex Racer, a fact we are frequently reminded of throughout the long series. Long ago, while competing in a race, Rex crashed a car Pops built. Subsequently he ran away from home when Pops told him he lacked the necessary experience to race professionally. Aided by his mentor, Kabala, Racer X hones his driving skills, learning how to drive on “tortured roads and broken trails.” After this internship, he becomes a professional driver.

Along the way, he adds “secret agent” to his resume. He uses his experience as a racecar driver as cover for his primary occupation at the Paris-based International Police.

Check out the press conference here.

It doesn’t come out until May 2008, so in the meantime the cartoon and Matthew Sweet’s cover of the Speed Racer song will just have to do.