Moonlight and Vampires

My friends Tammy and Terri have beaten me to it and already posted about CBS’s new vampire show Moonlight starring Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John, a vampire private detective bitten 60 years prior by his bride Coraline and a definite anti-hero.

MoonlightOh geez, an anti-hero vamp PI? Yeah I’m hooked already.

(Even if the opening “interview” was a little cheesy.)

Besides that, though, I enjoyed a few refreshing twists, namely that his assumed “sidekick” Josef is nothing of the sort. Hedge fund trader and all around egomaniac, I think Josef will turn out to be one of the Big Bads of the first season, pushing Mick into a dark corner regarding their true natures. Moreso though, I like Beth Turner. She’s an investigative reporter, but so far not the TSTL type and she’s got great gadgets like an iPhone. Who says girls don’t like technology?

Non-Romance readers may not realize it, but Moonlight is a straight-up Paranormal Romance novel put on the TV screen. The trailers have “love” and “romance” all over them and it works. Because we all want someone to love the monster inside.

My only criticism so far is that while a character like Mick St. John is always fun for the drool-factor, one of these days I’d like to see a female vampire not be written as evil, or in Coraline’s case obsessed with the child she can’t give to Mick. But maybe I finally found the angle I’ve been looking for as a unique take on vampires?

If you missed it, or just want a refresher, check out the video trailers for Moonlight. Edited to songs by Nickelback, Evanescence and Shinedown, the trailers set the tone of the series.