Save Dresden Files

You may have heard that the SciFi Network has canceled The Dresden Files. If they keep hacking off their good shows at this rate I won’t be watching the network anymore. If you’re not a Nielsen family, you can still make your opinion heard by reacting to the posts on the Nielsen Dresden Files page here.

3 Responses to “Save Dresden Files”

  1. OH NO, say it isn’t so. I thought FOX was the only network stupid enough to keep canceling the shows people love? I was wondering if it was going to be back on soon. Double Dang.

    BTW… I tagged you on my blog. 😉


  2. THANK YOU Lisa!!
    Sci-Fi not renewing the Dresden Files was apparently solely based on the largest demographic being ‘too old’ – i.e. not in the 18 – 49 age group. Being discounted because we’re not the ‘right’ age demographic is WRONG!

    Help us get the Dresden Files back!!
    Make a comment & sign the New Home 4 Dresden Petition:

    and join in the campaign on the forums at

  3. Hey! I’m in that demo. I should count for something. More importantly though, when I was 18 I had no money. Why is it that those meddling kids get to be the most important demographic?

    Thanks for stopping by!

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