Writers At Play. . . Running With Pens!

Through all the travails of learning how to write novels, it’s my friends who’ve kept me going.

Specifically, a group of fellow writers who have gravitated toward one another due to what I’d like to think are our high ideals, but I really know it’s our perverted sense of humor. You can find a list of these extraordinary women under Playpals in the Links and Blogrolls section of my sidebar.

More importantly, though, you can find us all at our new Writers At Play web site.

When we initially created this group four years ago, we were all unpublished. Now, twelve of use are published and one has gone on to become an editor. Soon, hopefully all of us will be published.

One of us, Terri Garey (author of DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY, which is on my 2007 Books Read List) carved some time out of her busy schedule to put together a web site for the group.

So, go take a gander and stay tuned for some great content we have planned. We’re giving away free books too on our new group blog as we take questions for our two official Contest Diva’s Stacey Kayne and Lindsey Brookes. Also, today, Tawny Weber is talking about the meaning of friendship and her new title DOES SHE DARE, which comes out this month.

To quote Terri, “Our hard lessons learned are yours for the picking, our inspiration yours for the asking, and our books are yours for the winning.”