“Super Dad”

I rarely dish about celebrities, but since I’ve talked about parenting issues a few times this story seemed apropos. The Hollywood Rag celebrity blog recently quoted some anonymous source as reporting to Time and InStyle of the Pitt-Jolie partnership that:

“Brad gets up really early with the children. He changes diapers and gets Zahara and Shiloh fed and dressed for the day. He takes this responsibility very seriously.

“While Angie was busy filming Brad was superdad. He got into the routine of getting up with all the kids, getting the Corn Flakes for breakfast and getting them prepped for school. When Brad dresses the kids, he lets them pick whatever they want to wear, even if it’s weird or mismatched.”

So, doing what mothers have been doing for generations makes Brad Pitt “superdad.”

I know quite a few dads who do all these same things, my own husband included, which I think is one of the sexiest things on the planet. Let’s not label them superdads, though. Instead, let’s celebrate the few couples who equitably split parenting roles between them and not along traditional gender roles. I have nothing against traditional gender roles so long as those involved actively choose that, but let’s also not overly praise men for doing things women have been doing all along with hardly more praise than flowers once a year on Mother’s Day.

Let’s just all grow up and do what needs to be done, regardless of gender.