Weekly Roundup

Ding dong. Apple calling. Perhaps in the ongoing quest of companies to maximize marketing to women, Apple has welcomed Avon cosmetics CEO Andrea Jung to its board. WIRED magazine muses on the possibilities. Just please, Apple, don’t make a pink Hello Kitty rhinestone encrusted iMac or iPod. I beg you. I kind of resent the idea that manufacturers seem to think that making something pink is the best way to market their products to women. According to WIRED, “Jung is the first woman to sit on Apple’s board in a decade.”

ScarlettThe new io9 blog is talking about temporary hotels. Kind of reminds me of William Gibson’s coffins in NEUROMANCER.

If you’re looking for new shows to watch during the writer’s strike, and you missed the boat on LOST, ABC is offering all three seasons online, for free, in HD. (By way of SFUpdates.)

There’s a GI Joe movie in the works! Is Barbie going to make a cameo? Seriously, I can’t wait to see what they do with the Shana Mae “Scarlet” O’Hara character, which IMDB says will be played by Rachel Nichols. I have friends who have been trying for years to get me to read comics and I’ve never been able to get into it. I may have to change course on that, since Scarlett would make a great Danger Gal profile, not to mention The Baroness Anastasia.

The Literary Assassin and I have been having a great conversation about female characters in the Star Wars universe in the comments to my recent Danger Gal profile of Princess Leia Organa.

Carole McDonnell over at the Fiction Beyond The Ordinary group blog has a good article “In defense of romance,” about why she writes and reads Romance.