Weekly Roundup

Since I was a slacker earlier this week, I offer the Weekly Roundup now and a bit longer than usual.

Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

–My Danger Gal Friday profile on Luka Starkiller was picked up by the 20th Carnival of Feminist SF titled The Diamond Age

–Blake Stacey also had some insightful musings on Luka Starkiller with the “Weekend Fluff: Luke as a Girl” post.

–The new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer is out. Harrison Ford is still hot, especially for being a gazillion years old.

–Michael May has some deep thoughts on the notion of modern working mothers being “Wonder Woman.”

–Linnea Sinclair’s rebranded covers are out and girl, are they nifty.

–Is the environment “sponge worthy?” New CO2 sponges filter carbon up to 83 times its volume

–Be your own iPod battery. Nano-bristle T-shirt to harness your power moves

–Our bodies and nanotech. Will Puny Particles Present Big Health Problems?

The secret life of sperm. Who said there isn’t sexism any more?

How long could you live in a vacuum? I’m not talking about a Dyson.