Today’s Danger Gal profile is Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl, most notably played by Yvonne Craig (pictured) in the 1960s TV series Batman.

Batgirl, Barbara GordonWhile today’s profile concentrates on Gordon, there have been several other iterations of this character to wear the bat-cape, namely Bette Kane as the original “Bat-girl” who debuted in DC Comics in 1961, as well as Cassandra Cain and Helena Bertinelli, both of which are much darker characters than Gordon. According to Wikipedia:

The Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl has been adapted into all media relating to the Batman franchise, including merchandise, television, animation, and feature film. During the early 1970s, the character was also used as an advocate for women’s rights.

Not bad for a character originally concocted as a love interest for Batman’s sidekick Robin. More than just a strong super-heroine, Barbara Gordon has become an icon for people with disabilities. After an accident damaged her spinal cord, Gordon morphed into The Oracle, an information broker providing intelligence and computer hacking services to other superheroes.

The Birds of Prey comic book series also portrays her as the leader of a team of mostly female crime-fighters. The series depicts her as a great intellect uninhibited by her paralysis, skilled in the martial art of eskrima.

3 Responses to “Danger Gal Friday: Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl”

  1. She’s always been a favorite of mine too. And the Birds of Prey comic is excellent!

  2. Barbara Gordon: Bat-librarian! I always liked her in the animated series, and in Batman Beyond, too–she’s taken over as police commissioner from her father and she’s a great Tough Old Broad.

  3. I remember watching Barbara Gordon as Batgirl on the old Adam West series on Nick at Nite, and being inspired by her. I recall feeling there were few genuine options of live-action heroines at that time in my life, so Batgirl was a revelation. I saw an intellegent young woman who wanted to do good, who had Batman’s respect, (even if it was the Adam West Batman), and who seemed to be the one with the most physical prowess, out of the “Triumphant Trio.” (I also always really liked how, on the T.V. show, her red hair was a wig I thought that was so clever! I mean, while the villains are looking closely at every woman with long red hair, you could be walking right next to them in your short brunette locks!) Though the animated series didn’t always uphold the image I had of Batgirl, I still loved her and thought she was awesome. (I know I have that Batgirl Barbie SOMEWHERE…) In other words, GREAT piece on Batgirl! She’ll always be THE original “Danger Gal” to me, though, so I’ll admit to a bias!

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