Weekly Roundup

-Real Women don’t do technology. NOT! Zuska explains women geeks.

-Men really do have two brains. Someone tell Steve Martin. Evidence that Men Think With Their Junk.

-Fire burn, and cauldron bubble: Soap bubbles recreate Jupiter’s turbulent storms

-The deal is strong with this one. Stay tuned for a Star Wars Deal or No Deal special.

-You knit what? For those cold nights on the Millennium Falcon.

Q and A with Science Fiction author Linnea Sinclair.

-I must have one. Fun toys from Kidrobot (via IO9).

-“I do believe you’ve spic’d my span.”
Homestar Runner comes to Wii.

-What am I reading this week? DESTINY (ROGUE ANGEL BOOK 1) by Alex Archer. Read a Realms of Fantasy Interview with Archer.