Weekly Roundup

The Weekly Roundup is back. I think I’m finally getting back into the swing of things after a few weeks of insanity in my life. I think this kind of post needs a “re-imagining” of sorts, though, so I’m looking for a new name for the roundup. Please send me your ideas in the comments.


Farscape is coming back! Come along 1812! Can I get a “Hell, yeah”? (Imaginary crowd: Hell, yeah.) Remember why this show was fantastic?

Subversive and sparkly Kresley Cole. I have some reading to catch up on. To quote Dear Author: “Cole’s books are female-centric with the female myths playing larger roles. Instead of the brotherhood or the male cadre of warriors, you have a group of sword wielding, smart mouthed, head chopping Valkryries that like sparkly things, nail polish and video games or devious witches that are so beautiful they have to spell themselves to protect others from their personal glory.”

Post gender marines? We might be seeing women in more combat roles sooner than we realized. Let me know if anyone can direct me to where on the interwebs we can see the print ad described by Broadsheet: “…a print ad that depicts a woman commanding a group of men, with the tag line ‘There are no female marines. Only marines.'”

More than eye candy. Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow and Maggie Gyllenhaal talk with the Underwire about their roles in the upcoming Ironman, Hulk and Batman movies. I’m glad these female roles are more than eye candy, but ultimately they’re still sidekick characters. Someday there will be a Wonder Woman movie…Which reminds me…

Wonder Woman’s new look. Pure awesome.

io9 Spoilerage. Sarah Connor Chronicles, scene script from BSG ep. 18, and Superman. Oh my. No Michael Biehn, but Brian Austin Green will be a regular. I can deal with that so long as Sarah keeps kicking arse.

What to do with those improper nights? Read my critique partner Leslie Dicken’s new story, Improper Nights.

Hey ewe! Don’t be a sheep. Amy Richards’ new book Opting In talks about the faux “Mommy Wars,” and how Feminism has created just as rigid a role for mothers as society has created. Also, Richards’ observation that couples aren’t sharing the primary caregiver role. Good article.

Funny girls. Salon interviews Amy Poehler about her new movie with Tina Fey, “Baby Mamma,” which is being hailed as the first female buddy movie in a long time.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg posits all sorts of interesting insights into the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” She asks “What kind of biology would an alien species have to have to avoid this submission-for-fun-and-reproduction dilemma humans face?” I mean, really, most of the time someone’s got to be on top…unless you know something about the the Comma Sutra that I don’t. (I really am still waiting for the “I diagram sentences naked” t-shirt.)

And you thought LOLCATS were funny. Puntabulous has three LOL funny LOLCAT posts using Battlestar Galactica puns. Chamalla iz teh shiz, people. (The image with this post came from Puntabulous! Thanks very much for letting me use it.)

So I got a little excited. io9 was talking about Science Fiction Romance and, of course, I had to chime in with my comments. Author Linnea Sinclair also stopped by with a few great points to make on the topic.