1. Roadkill Cafe! You kill it, we grill it.
2. Hello, Clarice.
3. Phone tag, you’re it.
4. Your soul is mine.
5. Sorry, she’s dead. Can I have her call you back?
6. The number you have called is not in service…Please try again.
7. Federal Bureau of Investigation tips line, this call has been traced.
8. WJIH, you’re caller 27 and you’ve just won twenty thousand dollars!
9. You started it.
10. For the nuclear terrorism department, please press 1.
11. Bates Motel.
12. You Rang?
13. Mommy?

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6 Responses to “Thirteen Funny Ways to Answer the Phone”

  1. Happy TT! Wow that is an interesting list of 13 ways to answer the phone. I like all of them and the first one is hilarious but the others are also funny too. I like this list very much and I’m glad I stopped by because you have made my morning with your list. Hope to see you at my 3rd edition about J.R. Ward at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

  2. From the old phone commercial with the Zulu warrior answering the pay phone:

    Onazuku Beachside!

  3. Uhm have you been calling my house recently? We’ve been known to use these when my parents or husband’s famiyl call, or friends.
    Happy TT, Hope you’ll visit my 34th T13…Weird Word Verifications” at The Cafe.

  4. Ah Ha!

    It’s “Bula vinaka, beachside!”

  5. Love #7. Gotta try that. Very good post! Happy TT!

  6. Super funny thirteen! Thanks for sharing! Check out my TT!

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