1. The guy walking around shaking people’s hands saying “Super Duper.” Even better, the look on his face when he approached me a second time and I said “You already super-dupered me, dude.” Priceless.

2. During one song two fans, who I have dubbed “Red Tube Top Girl” and “Mr. Chest” (because he wasn’t wearing a shirt), started dancing in the walkway behind our row. About ten seats down sat a bearded guy with a shaved head and wearing a KISS t-shirt. Mr. Chest got a little excited and licked KISS T-Shirt Guy’s bald head. And he lived.

3. I got to hear them play Two Step, So Damn Lucky, Rhyme & Reason and Ants Marching.

4. A whole lot of people running into/out of the woods. For various reasons.

5. The packed, rented Home Depot pickup truck we followed out of the parking lot. It was a sweet, sweet world for them.

6. Having to show a cop my ID to prove I wasn’t under age. Occiffer, you made my year.

7. The couple a few rows in front of us taking photos of themselves with their phone. So in love, cute.

8. A child dancing off alone in the grass.

9. Girl doing pull-ups at the Marine booth. You go girl!

10. 2/$20 Maroon 5 tickets. Wish I could go.

11. The show kicked off DMB’s summer tour.

12. And Tim Reynolds was playing with them.

13. Two fantastic encores, especially a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Money.”

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3 Responses to “Thirteen Memorable Moments from the Dave Matthews Concert”

  1. Proving you aren’t underage….priceless

  2. We went to see Tim McGraw a few weeks ago. And I really can’t decide which I liked better, the concert or the people-watching!

  3. Fun list! Happy TT!

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