Weekly Roundup

Postings here at Danger Gal HQ have been a bit sparse this summer, but I’m trying to get back on track. We’re already back to Monday Music posts as of yesterday, and here is today’s Weekly Roundup Post.

–May The Force Be With You. The 2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge finalists have been announced and the voting period is now open. George Lucas will reveal his favorite fan movie on July 24th, but go vote for your favorite.

–We can rebuild him (Sha-na-na-na). We have the technology. New Scientist outlines the most recent bioengineering developments. Check out what they did to the rabbit…

–There’s hope for my hand-eye coordination yet. A body-sensing shirt that measures muscular actions during sports activities.

–Tick tock, guys. Your little swimmers won’t be around forever. New evidence that men have a biological clock too. Turns out that after 35, fertility drops for both genders, and then again after 40.

–Can it avoid it’s own Kobayashi Maru? The Las Vegas Star Trek experience is closing.

–Just hold onto that Honda you bought 200,000 miles ago. Slate asks “Is it more energy-efficient to buy a used car than a brand-new hybrid?”

–What do you hear? Nothing but the rain. Possible spoilers on the series finale of Battlestar Galactica.

–They should call this the Athena Method. Scientists are trying to create sperm from infertile men’s dental pulp via stem cells.