Mallozzi Palooza

Try saying that three times in a row while rubbing your tummy.

Christina Cox on AtlantisFollowing a link off of IO9, I checked out photos from the recent shoot of Stargate:Atlantis’ “Whispers” episode on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog.

Right then a trifecta whammie of SF goodness exploded.

(1) Former BLOOD TIES actress Christina Cox looks to be in the upcoming “Whispers” episode (see photo left — Cox is the one on the right). She’s not only an actress, but a stuntwoman and I profiled her in the BLOOD TIES Vicki Nelson role as a Danger Gal a while back. According to IMDB, Cox “competed in gymnastics, track and field and tae kwan do…[S]he is proficient in boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and has extensive training in stage combat, period weaponry and firearms.” I suppose it’s unlikely, but a recurring role for her on Atlantis would be fantastic.

(2) Sometime today Mallozzi will be hosting Science Fiction writer Lois McMaster Bujold to discuss CORDELIA’S HONOR, one of my all-time favorite Science Fiction Romances.

(3) Confirmation of a Keller-McKay pairing. I adore McKay, but I feel gipped since the writers hinted at a Keller-Ronon ‘ship. Supposedly, Ronon gets his own ‘ship this season, too, so I’ll just have to wait and see.