Critical Mass of Deep Thoughts

Danger Gal pal Heather Massey from the Galaxy Express Blog debuted yesterday as a new blogger over at Tor. com. For her first post, Heather tackles a big idea: How Science Fiction is the genre of big ideas and how Romance can introduce the genre to a new audience (also, how that relates to Green Eggs and Ham too). Money quote:

Compared to other literary genres, science fiction shares many of the same fundamental ingredients [as other kinds of fiction]: ideas, words, sentences, conflict, characters, grammar, and punctuation. The differences, of course, lay in the execution of said ingredients. Science fiction and its myriad sub-genres taste far different to most people than does the usual thriller or mystery.

In fact, it can be downright bizarre, and that’s what we love about it. The genre dares to ask “what if” to the extent that our minds reach a critical mass of Deep Thoughts. But even when the speculative aspects are wrapped in beautifully crafted prose and explore concepts other than aliens and starships, many readers wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

But, are they employing the right pole for the job?

Congrats to Heather on her new gig. I can’t wait to see what other posts she has in store.

(I personally think Mynocks are kewl. Replicants: all kinds of awesome. And you know how I feel about Cylons.)