Tuesday Quotes

SB Sarah from SBTB said the following of the Romance genre in her review of UNLEASHED by Lori Borrill:

That might be the true fantasy of romance for me – I fully believe that happiness and romance and healing and hot sex happen to people now, in the past, in the future, on distant planets, in carriages, in cold lakes, for God’s sake, and anywhere in between.

Hard SF writer Mike Brotherton talks about how truth is stranger than fiction, and including real science in Science Fiction might be easier than it first appears:

And here’s a trick to remember. SCIENCE IS FREAKING AWESOME! We figure out the coolest shit with science. If you’ve picked an article or topic that fascinates you, get that fascination into your story! If it’s about the methodology, focus there. Or the technology, or the potential, or the insight, or the dedication. Whatever you think is the coolest thing, that should be your focus.