Crossed Genres, The SFR Issue

Crossed Genres is a new online magazine inspired by an altered version of the Genre Challenge. From the initial SFWA LiveJournal post on this new market (see an update here):

Crossed Genres

Every month, Crossed Genres posts a new genre. Writers and artists have one month to submit stories and art that combine the chosen genre with some aspect of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. All submissions are considered for publication (read the submission guidelines.) Crossed Genres will also contain interviews, and articles about the current genre, SF/F in general and the craft and business of writing. The Magazine is free! Please sign up to get the mailing list!

I wish I’d known about this market a few weeks ago, but I see they’ve extended the submissions deadline for Issue 2 — I wonder if they’ll consider extending the deadline for Issue 3 as well?

Crossed Genres is not currently an SFWA-qualifying market, but that is a priority for the magazine and they’re working toward that goal. This is a great concept and I’m so excited they are embracing Romance in addition to all the other possibilities. I hope they return to having another SFR issue sometime in the future.