Galaxy Express’ Heather Massey is guest blogging today over at Dear Author about Science Fiction Romance and, as usual, raises some pertinent issues about the subgenre and its future. Here’s a short excerpt:

Clearly establish SFR as a subgenre by releasing it from the paranormal umbrella. (While I’m at it, fantasy romance should get its own pad, too.) While there’s crossover at times, wolves, vampires, and demons have little to do with aliens and nanotechnology.

Couldn’t agree more. While I love all the flavors of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, as a reader and a writer I’ve often been frustrated by catch-all term.

4 Responses to “The Branding of a Subgenre”

  1. Lisa, you’re a doll! Thanks so much for linking to my DA piece.

  2. Lisa, you’re a doll! Thanks for the linkage. (I think my original comment didn’t get through.)

  3. D’oh!!

  4. Thanks Lisa. I am so glad that you keep us all informed. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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