Immortalized in Song

Well, 2009 is starting off with a bang. I’ve been immortalized in song!

John Ottinger over at Grasping for the Wind started his Book Reviewer Meme wherein anyone who wanted to be listed in his blogroll as a book reviewer would run the list of everyone in a post. John Anealio of the SciFi Songs Blog writes a new SF-inspired song every week. Well, Anealio wrote one about the Book Reviewer Meme and Danger Gal is listed at the end. Right at the end, where Anealio slows down the beat. Like SciFiGuy, I think Anealio deserves a SciFi Grammy (what would we call it. . . an Anealio?)

Click here to hear the song and read the words. Also, here is the post about the song on Grasping for the Wind.

Now we just need a video.