Weekly Roundup

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Darth Tater

–Vampotato…now with glitter. Spudward wasn’t like the other potato boys. Who will be his next victim? Darth Tater? (Check out these Darth Tater puns…Trust your peelings, Spudward.)

–The longtail of publishing. Galaxy Express’ Heather Massey provides a weeklong discussion of promoting the Science Fiction Romance niche market.

–Yes, Ma’am! Right away, Ma’am! Tor Author Deborah Teramis Christian blogs about women who write military Science Fiction.

–Another Big Bang? Bright Flash in Heavens Has No Earthly Explanation

–The publishing industry must sink or swim. The Sky Is Falling. Will Publishing Innovate or Deteriorate?

–Science Fiction Romance Goodiness. 10 Hella Sexy Discoveries in The Outback Stars

–It’s a little bigger than the fun size. Milky Way 50 Percent Larger, Astronomers Discover

–MSNBC Science Editor Alan Boyle talks in Symmetry magazine about the fear and popularity of the Large Hadron Collider. Fear Factor

–Is it time Jenny got her own show? Why This Doctor Disappoints

–Now with a gentle warming sensation. Quantum lubricant could keep nanomachines rolling

–Has BSG jumped the shark or will Moore connect all the Bob Dylan dots? Jayme Lynn Blaschke vents (and I commiserate) about the writers of Battlestar Galactica Making Stuff Up.