Come to the Parallel Universe—We Have Cookies

I’m blogging today over at the Writers At Play blog where we’ll be highlighting the great virtual SFR gathering called Parallel Universe that Heather at the Galaxy Express has planned this week and next during the Romance Writers of America National Conference. Come join the conversation:

Can’t wait that long to get the low-down on SFR? Science and Science Fiction are all around us today from robots in our homes like the Roomba to advanced medical technology that could one day cure cancer or AIDS to a possible revisit to the moon. One of these days we might even have a Star Trek-esque replicator to bake us some cookies. Tell me in the comments what you like about Science Fiction or Science Fiction Romance. If you’re new to this subgenre, let’s talk about what might be holding you back from trying it out or what you expect from a Science Fiction Romance?

Photo credit: Lee Davy/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)