Mad Links Weekly Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition

I haven’t posted a weekly roundup lately, but today seemed like a good day for a laugh. Enjoy.

Am I the only one hearing the clop-clop of coconuts when I watch this video?Life-sized walking Tauntaun costume

“Frakme,” the cubist birch bookcase designed to double as kitchen cabinets, is next — Twilight’s emo tween-girl “fangst” is actually “a delightful and diaphanous hanging storage unit from Ikea.”

LOLCATS gone Dark Side?May The Cute Be With You, Animals With Lightsabers

Milk’s favorite cookie needs an intervention
The Quintrigenuple Stuffed Oreo

Beware the bear finger puppetStephen Colbert Finger Puppet is Packed Full of Truthiness

I think one of them has jazz hands The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers