SFSignal Review: Darkborn by Alison Sinclair

My most recent review for SFSignal is now available on Darkborn by Alison Sinclair.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A centuries-old magical curse split the people of Sinclair’s novel into two, species: Darkborn and Lightborn. Sunlight will burn the Darkborn to ash, but darkness will dissolve the Lightborn to nothingness. Yet, these two groups live side-by-side in the city of Minhorne forging a wary peace in peril of being upset by lingering mistrust.

PROS: DARKBORN lives up to the promise of its striking cover with layered world-building and an intricate plot.
CONS: I want more of this story and I want it now.
BOTTOM LINE: This fast-paced tale of two magically-cursed mutually exclusive worlds pulled me in from the start.

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