SF Signal Podcast: The Future of Science Fiction

Find me today in the eighth episode of the SF Signal Podcast hosted by Patrick Hester and joined by Matthew Sanborn Smith as well as SF Signal lead-man John DeNardo to discuss the future of science fiction:

Are the epic space operas waning in favor of the condensed, character driven heroes story? Has our future, as author William Gibson recently commented in a recent interview, “lost the capital F” of our childhood? Is what we think of as “traditional science fiction”, a thing of the past rather than the future?

After the round-table discussion, Patrick Hester and John DeNardo chat with Maurice Broaddus, author of King Maker (October 2010 from Angry Robot Books) & Jerry Gordon, author of City of Refuge. Maurice and Jerry are co-editors of Dark Faith from Apex Books.

Background photo created by user5812043 – www.freepik.com