Danger Gal Friday: Number Six

I know what you’re thinking. Number Six is this week’s Danger Gal? No, I’m not talking about that Number Six. There’s a new Number Six on the block and she’s played by Teresa Palmer from the movie I Am Number Four, to be released in February. I’ve seen nothing but the trailer and already am hoping for a sequel starring this character. The movie is about nine teens who escaped and the first three have been killed — now they’re coming after Number Four.

Each of the nine possess paranormal abilities and they’re running from aliens called the Mogadorians in what seems to be shades of the teens from Roswell. The trailer does say that they’re stronger if they work together, but we also see Six riding a motorcycle and seemingly at home with a gun and a sword as well as spinning around like an electric top. The film is directed by Michael Bay, so you know there will be a lot of blowy up things and action. A lot.

In a recent interview Palmer told Collider that:

“I was in extensive training for about maybe 3 months before we started the actual filming process. It was very intense, but in the most wonderful way. It’s definitely the most physically challenging role I’ve ever taken on. We started slowly. I didn’t want to do a disservice to Number Six by not knowing how to fight and having a body double or stunt double do all that work. So I decided that I would learn to fight, to use a sword, to shoot a gun, to flip around and do as much of the action as I could. But it was long and I had a ton of battle scars and bruises and—just hours of training, but I definitely got in the best shape of my life on that movie.”

… I have been fighting the Mogadorians, who are the enemy alien, for a long time now and I was sick of being hunted by them, so I make the hunters become the hunted. And I decide that, if I can meet up with Number Four (Pettyfer), with our powers combined, we’ll become the perfect weapon to fight against the enemy alien. So I search for him and track him down.

She also gave some more insight into the abilities of her character:

“One of the pieces you saw in the trailer is showing my “legacy,” which is a power that Number Six has; she has the power of being fireproof. So the shot of her holding back a massive fireball, I had to ADR that entire scene because I wasn’t mic’d, which meant just screaming for like four hours.”

The movie was shot in Pittsburgh, a place close to my heart, where she experienced her first baseball game:

“I miss a lot about the city. We stayed at the Hyatt there; it was right across from the big oval and so I went to one of the baseball games. And I’d never been to a baseball game before, so it was my first American baseball experience.

I’d like to apologize to Ms. Palmer that her first baseball game was during a Pirate losing season. Too bad she couldn’t have seen a hockey game instead. 😛