Danger Gal is the alter ego of writer and designer Lisa Paitz Spindler. Danger Gal’s stiletto heels are licensed weapons and she keeps ninja stars in her bra. Lisa, however, gets through each day on steady infusions of caffeine and science blogs, while constantly trying to beat her Free Rice high score of 45. Occasionally she writes science fiction and designs web sites.

Where does the Danger Gal graphic come from? An amazing artist/designer at istockphoto.com named Aaltazar.

IVR_Logo_smallListen to the roundtable discussion on the Science Fiction Romance genre on Internet Voices Radio with author Ella Drake and bloggers Heather Massey from The Galaxy Express and Doug “SciFi Guy” Knipe on December 1, 2009 during Rowena Cherry’s Crazy Tuesday podcast.

Click here to listen to the podcast (MP3, 27MB).

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