Books Received

In order to comply with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, this page lists books I have received for free. Many of these books I received via SFSignal in my role as book reviewer for that site, but sometimes I refer to these books on my own site as well and a few of them I have received personally outside of SFSignal. SFSignal also lists the books it receives for free that it disperses to its volunteer reviewers. For legal purposes, please assume that any book I review I may have received for free, although I do sometimes review books I have personally purchased.

Also, please note that sending me a free book will by no means ensure a positive review. I do not accept paid endorsements or money for good reviews.

I also maintain an Amazon Affiliate bookstore and when I provide links to books I use the link language that will credit my account if a book is published via one of my links. To clarify and fully disclose the situation, I may review a free book and I may provide a link in that review to purchase that book on Amazon using my Amazon Affiliate account. If a consumer clicks on that link in the review and then purchases the book, I will receive affiliate credit. Also, at some point in the future this site may display advertising and that advertising may include promo for books that I may have received for free.