The post talking about a pair of shoes I wore at the RWA Conference is up at Esri Rose’s RWA Shoe Blog. Esri says:

Again, higher than they look because of the platform, and aren’t the flowers on her nails a nice touch? Lisa [Linda] Paitz Spindler writes science fiction with a twist, and says these shoes would show that her heroine “knows how to kill a man with a heel.” They do look sturdy.

Esri, dear, my name isn’t “Linda,” but the shoe blog is adorable.

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Tales from the Inner Sanctum contributor Michael May is starting a new feature on his blog and it’s partially my fault :

One of the things I want to do here in terms of content – or whatever we’re calling it – is to explore more of the female heroes in comics and other kinds of storytelling. Lisa Paitz Spindler has a really cool feature on her blog called Danger Gal Friday, and – with apologies to her – I want to do something similar here. I’m not going to commit to a weekly feature, but I’d like to profile some of the great heroines.

This makes all the hard work worth it, since one of my reasons for starting up this blog was to celebrate strong heroines. May obviously gets that. We crossed paths a while back when I profiled Wonder Woman. The thematic parallels between Romance, especially Paranormal Romance, and Comics continues to intrigue me.

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Be Inspired

I’m blogging today over at my group blog Writers At Play about how writers conferences and the Romance genre in general can inspire our creativity.

There’s also a leggy photo essay of my Playpals here (and yes, I’m in those photos). Evidently I look a bit like Edie Falco these days.

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The Today Show aired a story on the RWA Conference! I was at that book-signing, where you see all those fans in the giant ballroom of the San Francisco Marriott. Sarah Wendell — she’s the one who makes the sex comment — is Sarah from Smart Bitches Who Read Trashy Books. The curly haired blond next to her is Samhain editor Angela James. I also know the quirky brunette laughing toward the end (with the glasses). That’s Esri Rose and I’ll be in her shoe blog in the next day or two.

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