1. Jerry O’Connell’s Tom Cruise Parody (OK, so this one is on Funny or Die, not You Tube)

2. 60 Seconds with Gerard Butler (in classic G-Man fashion, he drops the fooking “F” bomb and he thinks Zach Snyder is sexy)
3. Alex O’Loughlin’s “Here Kitty Kitty” Commercial (before he was famous on Moonlight)
4. Blood Ties Goofy “Sex Bomb” Video (sort of work safe).
5. Moonlight’s Creepy vs. Sexy
6. It’s Raining 300 Men
7. Spartans, tonight, we dine at the Olive Garden
8. Star Wars/300 Mashup
9. The 305
10. Lego Star Wars
11. 300 Spartan Apples
12. Mean Kitty Song
13. Gerry Butler’s Dracula Audition (in Attila makeup)

BONUS: Yes We Can Obama Video

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Weekly Roundup

Kevin Kelley posts on the io9 blog about a possible V series remake. Kelley missed out on the 1986 Starman series starring Robert Hays, so I filled him in on it (see the comments). I know there’s an Airplane joke in there somewhere.

–Want to learn about String Physics in 10 minutes? Check out The Tenth Dimension.

–WIRED lists the 10 Sci-Fi Techs We Could Build If They Weren’t So Damn Expensive. Let me know when the Intergalactic Marriott opens and I’ll be there.

–Ah, nostalgia. This was my first computer. One of my friends had a Lisa and I was very jealous, for reasons that should be obvious. Then they got a Macintosh, one of the originals, and I was even more jealous. My dad bought a Radio Shack Tandy and I was not impressed, but he loved to tinker with it.

E!’s Watch with Kristin quoted Summer Glau about her role in the Sara Connor Chronicles as saying:

“It’s a mystery at this point if Cameron’s intentions are what she presents them to be. I don’t even really know what’s going on with Cameron. I do know that maybe she has a mysterious past. And it’s unclear what she ends up being in the future. But at this point, I think that all three of us, as far as what I know from the script, we are all fighting for the same goal, but that might turn out to be sort of a front. Cameron might have come back from the past for a different purpose.”

Here’s my total shot in the dark about Cameron. She’s the first Terminator who actually has a name. Arnold’s character was just The Terminator, Robert Patrick’s was T-1000, and Kristanna Loken’s was T-X. This, plus a couple comments Cameron has made, make me think she was once human. She might have been close, very close, to future-John and after being killed, a Terminator was made in her likeness and possibly some of her memories uploaded to it. SciFiChick has been following the Sara Connor Chronicles and has offered an interview with Summer Glau and photos from her set tour. I’m still holding out hope that Michael Biehn will make a cameo somehow.

UPDATE: The pursuing Terminator in SCC actually does have a name, Cromartie, but this seems more like a designation used as part of his initial fake identity as substitute teacher “Mr. Cromartie.” His actual model number is T-888. Kevin Kelley elaborates today at io9.

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I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play, where I’ve debuted a new column: Damsels Not In Distress. This column will highlight strong female characters in all types of Romance, not just in Science Fiction and Paranormal as I profile for Danger Gal Friday.

Visit Writers at Play and nominate your favorite Romance heroine for my next Damsel Not In Distress profile.

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