Enormous Book of Uncanny Creatures

The contents of The Enormous Book of Uncanny Creatures (SF Signal Irregular Press; cover design by Dange R. Gal) have been posted: “I Have No Robot Zombie Vampire Ninja Unicorns and I Must Scream” by Reggie Sterd Trademark “Fender’s Game: Wasted Days, Wasted Nights” by Tony Orlando Calrissian “The Three Gymkata of Palmer Eldritch” by […]

We have a winner!

Congratulations Ora Amis! You are the winner of the Out Of This World Blog Tour Contest. You have won a free copy of my novel THE SPIRAL PATH and this nifty Retro Saturn t-shirt. Many thanks to everyone for participating!

The Ambiguous Ending

Guest post by Natalie Damschroder I have never really been a fan of the ambiguous ending. You know the kind, where the author or, more commonly, filmmaker leaves the truth up to the audience. I saw a movie this weekend (won’t name it because I don’t want to spoil it) that I knew was the […]

Trading Card Preview

Click here to enter my contest to win a free copy of THE SPIRAL PATH and a nifty retro Saturn science fiction tshirt. All who enter receive a free door-prize of electronic character trading cards from the four main characters in the story: Lara Soto, Mitch Yoshida, Raphael Soto, and Calendra Kai. Above is a […]