Thirteen Facts About Quantum Entanglement

1. Entanglement describes the liminal relationship between two quantum particles that exist in “superposition,” a mix of states that can only be resolved when a physical property is measured. Think of the transporter in Star Trek: When someone is transported to another location they are technically in two places — and two quantum states — […]

Thirteen Extrasolar Planets

(#46) We may have lost Pluto, but there are plenty of other planets in the universe worthy of holding our attention. Granted, these new kids on the block are outside of our solar system. Left, the sunlit side of 51 Pegasi b, the first planet ever detected around a sun-like star. Image source: Extrasolar Visions. […]

Thirteen Facts About Nuclear Fusion

(#44) Left, from Wikipedia, this photo is an “[I]nternal view of the JET tokamak superimposed with an image of a plasma taken with a visible spectrum video camera.” (1) Stars are hot stuff. Nuclear fusion occurs naturally in stars and happens when like-charged atomic nuclei join together to form a heavier nuclei. (2) He’s not […]

Thirteen Fun Science Terms

(#43) Scientific research uncovers new facets of our world every day. Scientists have to name these discoveries and some of the ideas they come up with I find to be very amusing (especially physics). Below are thirteen of my favorite funny science terms. Any of these would make excellent geek band names. 1. Nanoputians or […]