SF Signal Podcast: Role of Sex in Science Fiction

UPDATE: Be sure to check out The Galaxy Express post “Sex in Science Fiction: Are They Doing It Right?” and discussion on this topic. Also, it seems like there’s sex on the brain in genre fiction land this week. Dear Author has a post up called Sexual Force and Reader Consent in Romance. The article […]

SFR Brigade: Night Owl or Early Bird?

Catch me today over at the SFR Brigade talking about what time of day is ideal for you to read or write: late at night or early morning. However, as a reader, I definitely enjoy reading more at night. Sometimes this does cause me to stay up late with a particularly good story, but overall […]

SFR Brigade: On Geeks and Alpha Heroes

I’m blogging today over at SFR Brigade about geeks and alpha heroes. A taste: We spend a lot of time in Romance talking about “Alpha Heroes” — those larger-than-life wealthy guys in very manly professions sporting muscles (ahem) poking out everywhere. But where are the geek heroes? Really, the brain is the biggest sexual organ, […]

Drafted into the SFR Brigade

I’ve joined ranks with the Science Fiction Romance (SFR) Brigade and am blogging over there today about the importance of setting, especially in Science Fiction. Please visit and be sure to comment. I’ll be blogging over there at least once a month and will announce every new posting here on my own blog. Inspiration Point: […]