I'm a geek, you're a geek. We're all OK.

Broadsheet blogger Judy Berman today came out to being a geek. I recently had to admit something to myself: I am, it turns out, a geek. I finally came to terms with it earlier this week, after drinks with female friends. We had been catching up and talking shop when someone mentioned Buffy the Vampire […]

Danger Gal Friday: Trixie

This week’s Danger Gal Friday profile goes to Trixie as played by Christina Ricci in the re-imagining of the Speed Racer cartoon in the recent-ish movie. Last year, before the movie was release, I pegged Trixie as a Danger Gal Maybe with a wait-and-see episode. Well, thanks to Netflix, I finally saw Speed Racer and […]

WAP: Of Paranormal Heroines

My latest post is up at the Writers At Play blog and today I’m talking about the nature of heroines in Paranormal Romances, specifically how rare they are. Once in a while a blog post or comment takes on a life of its own. A while back I responded to a comment by Diana Peterfreund […]

Jamie Bamber Almost Drops The Towel

I wasn’t going to post this, but John DeNardo over at SFSignal gave me the idea. I still can’t decide whether it’s gratuitous and disrespectful. What do you think? I’ve watched it a bunch of times, but still can’t decide.