WAP: Of Paranormal Heroines

My latest post is up at the Writers At Play blog and today I’m talking about the nature of heroines in Paranormal Romances, specifically how rare they are. Once in a while a blog post or comment takes on a life of its own. A while back I responded to a comment by Diana Peterfreund […]

Playtime: Wacky on the Web Roundup

I’m blogging today over at my group blog, Writers At Play, about the wackiness on the web this week. Stay tuned for a reboot of my weekly roundup posts here on my home blog too. What’s nutty this week? Goths in hot weather, Darth Kindle and Luke iPod, and Snachismo. Oh my.

The Spice of Life

I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play about food with a post called The Spice of Life. Specifically I’m talking about all those comfort foods we come back to in times of stress. Mine is Chicken Paprikash.

Inspiration Point

I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play about experiencing an Inspiration Point — the role setting plays in a story. Whether you’re a writer finding inspiration in the most unlikeliest of places or a reader who just adores great world-building, please stop on over and chime in the discussion. An excerpt: I’m probably dating […]