Top 5 Reasons To Get Real Hair Extensions

This article first appeared at the Milani Hair blog, February 9, 2011.

Waiting for a short haircut to grow out can try anyone’s patience, but you can quickly transform your hair style from the latest pixie cute to long and lustrous with real hair extensions. Cheap clip in extensions may be easier on the wallet than human hair extensions, but here are five reasons for choosing human hair extensions over fake.

1. Real hair extensions last as longer. Your real hair extensions can last at least a year with proper care, while fake hair extensions only last one to three months.

2. Fake hair extensions can’t stand the heat. Using direct heat can melt fake hair extensions. However, you can style your real hair extensions using the same blow dryer, straightening or curling iron you use on your own hair every day.

3. Human hair extensions can be colored as often your own hair. Cheap clip in extensions are available from the manufacturer in a wide range of colors, but dying fake hair extensions on your own may cause permanent damage.

4. Real hair extensions easily blend in with your own hair. Human hair extensions act like your own locks in high humidity, when it rains or if you choose to just let your hair air dry without styling. You can choose human hair extensions that match your own hair texture whether that’s bone-straight, wavy or curly.

5. Human hair extensions can be bonded to your own hair. Cheap clip in extensions should be removed frequently and can’t be worn that many time consecutively. If you plan on wearing your hair extensions for a long period of time, having to remove fake hair extensions and put them back in all the time can be tedious.

Real hair extensions come in a variety of styles, colors and price ranges. Cheap clip in extensions just cannot measure up to the texture, ease of care and natural look of human hair extensions.