Danger Gal Friday Profile Poll

There is a poll embedded in this post. I have quite a few books in my TBR pile and sometimes I waffle on which to read next. Help me out by letting me know which of the following heroines you are most interested in reading about next. If your favorite isn’t listed in this poll, […]

Inside the Blogosphere: Book Marketing

Grasping for the Wind’s latest installment of its Inside the Blogosphere is now available and the topic is preferences in book marketing. Click on through to read what I had to say about the effectiveness of book trailers, covers, Internet ads, and book reviews. Also, to see what prompted this installment, be sure to check […]

Ask the Bloggers: Book Covers

John Ottinger over at Grasping for the Wind has asked me to take part in his Ask the Bloggers feature. This most recent installment analyzes book covers– what we love and hate about them and how they influence what we buy. Check out the responses, including my own, here. What kind of book cover attracts […]

A Passion for Marble Rye

I had some fun with Photoshop this evening, actually the most fun I’ve had all day. SBTB has been discussing the latest in ancient Romance novel covers on books purchased from Ebay and the conversation turned to the hero’s puffy shirt that looks mysteriously like Seinfeld’s (and the marble rye possibly in his pants — […]