Danger Gal Friday: Xena

I’m not sure what to say to the fact that I’ve never profiled Xena as a Danger Gal Friday. Maybe it’s that so much has already been written and said about her ground-breaking character that I wasn’t sure what I could add. Xena: Warrior Princess blazed new ground for feminism and the acceptance of lesbianism. […]

Movie Trailer Monday: Tempeste

The new version of The Tempeste stars Helen Mirren in a gender-swap as Prospera, a sorceress. Says Mirren: “I realized, watching this play,” in a production with Derek Jacobi playing Prospero, “that a woman could play this role, without any change to the text at all.” The discovery excited Mirren, who thought, “Wow, here’s a […]

WAP: Of Paranormal Heroines

My latest post is up at the Writers At Play blog and today I’m talking about the nature of heroines in Paranormal Romances, specifically how rare they are. Once in a while a blog post or comment takes on a life of its own. A while back I responded to a comment by Diana Peterfreund […]

The Feminism of the Romance Genre

The Romance genre is so often judged on 30 year old bodice-ripper books, but I continue to maintain that it’s got Feminist cred. Case in point, SBTB just posted the obituary of Ms. Barbara Lantz, Romance writer and founder of the Tuscon Saguaro Romance Writers RWA chapter. I’m posting the obit here from the July […]