Inside the Blogosphere: Book Marketing

Grasping for the Wind’s latest installment of its Inside the Blogosphere is now available and the topic is preferences in book marketing. Click on through to read what I had to say about the effectiveness of book trailers, covers, Internet ads, and book reviews. Also, to see what prompted this installment, be sure to check […]

Inside the Blogosphere: Hardback, Trade, MMP, Audiobook or Ebook?

I’m chiming in out preferred book formats over at Grasping for the Wind today. Today’s topic: Though we all know that some books only come out in certain formats, if the world were perfect and you could have a book in any published format, which do you prefer – hardcover, trade paperback, mass market paperback, […]

Inside The Blogosphere: Battling It Out

Gasping for the Wind’s column Inside the Blogosphere is live today and I’m chiming in. Today’s topic is Battling It Out: What makes a battle or combat scene exciting to read, and what makes it drag on or detract from the narrative? Other bloggers chiming in include Heather from The Galaxy Express and Alice from […]