I’m baaaaackkkk

You may have noticed (or not) that I haven’t been posting much in the last few weeks. This was due to fallout from The Hacking Incident, but tech support assures me that all is fixed now. Stay tuned while I catch up with everything I’ve been wanting to say for the past two weeks or […]

Site Update News

FYI, I’ve fixed the categories issue associated with the upgrade I had to do after what shall heretofore be known as The Hacking Incident. There are fewer categories now and over the next few days I’ll be tidying up some stray posts that may have ended up in the wrong categories. I appreciate your patience. […]

Rockin Girl Blogger

Before I get caught up in my new writing challenge, I need to thank Becca at the No Smoking in the Skull Cave blog for nominating me a while back as a Rockin Girl Blogger. Many thanks Becca! I now get to nominate five other great female bloggers and here it goes: 1. Leslie Dicken […]

Status Report

The posts from Danger Gal HQ have been light of late because I’ve been on vacation and my guest bloggers were unable to publish posts. It’s all good. This week I’ll get things back on track and back to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for your support.