Movie Trailer Monday: Neuromancer

This is a fan-made Neuromancer trailer, but doesn’t it whet your appetite for the real thing? Production of the Vincenzo Natali screenplay, adapted from William Gibson’s seminal novel that sparked cyberpunk, is scheduled to begin visual effects in 2012 and will be shot in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo and London. More Molly, please.

Movie Trailer Monday: Hanna

Saoirse Ronan plays the lead role in the new movie, Hanna, due to be released this April.

Movie Trailer Monday: Tempeste

The new version of The Tempeste stars Helen Mirren in a gender-swap as Prospera, a sorceress. Says Mirren: “I realized, watching this play,” in a production with Derek Jacobi playing Prospero, “that a woman could play this role, without any change to the text at all.” The discovery excited Mirren, who thought, “Wow, here’s a […]

Movie Trailer Monday: Red Riding Hood

Amanda Seyfried of MAMMA MIA fame stars in this re-imagining of the Little Red Riding Hood folk tale called RED RIDING HOOD due out in March 2011.