SF Signal Podcast: What Was Your Gateway Genre Novel?

Listen in while the SF Signal Blog Army discusses Asimov, Clark, Tolkein, L’Engle and all sorts of other authors. Be sure to let us know if you agree or just to tell us what novel introduced you to the science fiction genre.

SF Signal Podcast: Best Genre Shows on the Air

Find me this week on the SF Signal Podcast discussing The Best Genre Shows on the Air and Why You Should Be Watching Them. Also, check out the fantastic interview with Stargate Universe executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. Listen in while the SF Signal Blog Army discusses Caprica, Stargate: Universe, Fringe, Clone Wars and other shows. […]

SF Signal Podcast: Role of Sex in Science Fiction

UPDATE: Be sure to check out The Galaxy Express post “Sex in Science Fiction: Are They Doing It Right?” and discussion on this topic. Also, it seems like there’s sex on the brain in genre fiction land this week. Dear Author has a post up called Sexual Force and Reader Consent in Romance. The article […]

SF Signal Podcast: The Future of Science Fiction

Find me today in the eighth episode of the SF Signal Podcast hosted by Patrick Hester and joined by Matthew Sanborn Smith as well as SF Signal lead-man John DeNardo to discuss the future of science fiction: Are the epic space operas waning in favor of the condensed, character driven heroes story? Has our future, […]