Shrink-Wrapped Buckyballs

Gee that’s a fun couple words to say if you have the right mindset. But why am I saying it? New Scientist Tech is reporting on some extroverted buckyballs caught on film: Blink and you might miss it. Researchers have captured the rapid formation of buckyballs – carbon spheres just 1 nanometre in diameter – […]

Brain Itch

So I was tooling around my favorite blogs and I started reading No Smoking in the Skull Cave’s Music Meme, where you go check what was a hit the year you graduated from high school and then wax on about it. I had no intention of actually doing this, but for a few minutes I […]

RIP Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard has passed away. As a suitable tribute, take a few minutes to think about your 7th grade science fair project. Mine was a representation of our solar system, where each planet was made out of styrofoam and mounted to a poster board and demonstrating their orbits. It may not have been an erupting […]

Thanks For The Memories

More information on how we can now imprint memories onto cultured neural tissue: Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have demonstrated that neurons cultured outside the brain can be imprinted with multiple rudimentary memories that persist for days without interfering with or wiping out others. The other day I mentioned how I used a […]