Thirteen Facts About Quantum Entanglement

1. Entanglement describes the liminal relationship between two quantum particles that exist in “superposition,” a mix of states that can only be resolved when a physical property is measured. Think of the transporter in Star Trek: When someone is transported to another location they are technically in two places — and two quantum states — […]

Thirteen Thoughts on BSG's Final Season

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA returns this Friday with its last season, the first episode of which is called “Sometimes A Great Nation.” Here’s the latest teaser trailer: Note that Romo Lampkin is back and he’s in custody for some reason — the teaser shows him being escorted down a corridor by several guards and later I’m pretty […]

Thirteen Resolutions I Won’t Be Making for 2009

(#47) 1. To build a particle collider in my basement. 2. To construct my own light saber. 3. To fold time and space with my washing machine. 4. To use that extra leap second for saving the cheerleader. 5. To leap tall buildings in a single bound. 6. To outfit my car with a flux […]

Thirteen Extrasolar Planets

(#46) We may have lost Pluto, but there are plenty of other planets in the universe worthy of holding our attention. Granted, these new kids on the block are outside of our solar system. Left, the sunlit side of 51 Pegasi b, the first planet ever detected around a sun-like star. Image source: Extrasolar Visions. […]