Mad Links Weekly Roundup: Thanksgiving Edition

I haven’t posted a weekly roundup lately, but today seemed like a good day for a laugh. Enjoy. Am I the only one hearing the clop-clop of coconuts when I watch this video? — Life-sized walking Tauntaun costume “Frakme,” the cubist birch bookcase designed to double as kitchen cabinets, is next — Twilight’s emo tween-girl […]

Playtime: Wacky on the Web Roundup

I’m blogging today over at my group blog, Writers At Play, about the wackiness on the web this week. Stay tuned for a reboot of my weekly roundup posts here on my home blog too. What’s nutty this week? Goths in hot weather, Darth Kindle and Luke iPod, and Snachismo. Oh my.

Weekly Roundup

These are just a few of my recent Web favorites. Find more great links in my Google Reader Shared Items or subscribe to my Shared Items Atom feed. –Vampotato…now with glitter. Spudward wasn’t like the other potato boys. Who will be his next victim? Darth Tater? (Check out these Darth Tater puns…Trust your peelings, Spudward.) […]

Weekly Roundup the Nyquil Edition

I have a cold, but I’ve got good meds. Not sure if that will mean a more quippy Weekly Roundup this week or not. You judge. –I think they should call it the Cassanova Gene. Monogamy gene found in people –Don’t “kiki” and “booba” sound like Yo Gabba Gabba characters? Poetry Comes from Our Tree-Climbing […]