Catch Me On The Radio

On Tuesday, I will be joining author Ella Drake and blogger Doug “SciFi Guy” Knipe on December 1, 2009 during Rowena Cherry’s Crazy Tuesday podcast. On the first Tuesday of each month, from 10:00 am Eastern until noon, sit back, and hang loose with unrehearsed, unscripted, freewheeling, live chatter between authors, reviewers, pr people, and […]

The Spice of Life

I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play about food with a post called The Spice of Life. Specifically I’m talking about all those comfort foods we come back to in times of stress. Mine is Chicken Paprikash.

Inspiration Point

I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play about experiencing an Inspiration Point — the role setting plays in a story. Whether you’re a writer finding inspiration in the most unlikeliest of places or a reader who just adores great world-building, please stop on over and chime in the discussion. An excerpt: I’m probably dating […]

Be Inspired

I’m blogging today over at my group blog Writers At Play about how writers conferences and the Romance genre in general can inspire our creativity. There’s also a leggy photo essay of my Playpals here (and yes, I’m in those photos). Evidently I look a bit like Edie Falco these days.